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Musu Lela Kerkula and Two Others Detained and Charged - In Late IAA Boss, Mr. Emmanuel B. Nyeswah Murder Case

Three Charged and Detained For The Murder of Mr. Nyeswah

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LNP has confirmed that they have found the murderer of one of the Auditors. 

Ms. Musu Leela Kerkula has been charged with the murder of Emmanuel Barthan Nyeswa, the IAA Boss and is currently in detention along with two other associates that were in the house the night Mr. Nyeswah died.

According to numerous sources, Ms. Musu Leela Kerkula was in an affair with Director Nyeswa and she was also in the house the night he died, along with Dr. Emmanuel Wreh, Mr. Teakon Williams who are all close associates of Mr. Nyeswah and they have all been held in detention awaiting the final autopsy report.

But the lady has been held in suspicion as the main doer of the act because she was the only one in the room with Mr. Nyeswah.

Testimonies coming in from the other two guys who were in the house states that:
When Nyeswa and friends finally returned home around 11pm, Williams told police he (Williams) was the last to enter the house.

Williams told police that he locked the back door three times. “The front door was already locked. In fact, it was locked the whole week because, the Late Nyeswa could not find the key.”

At about 1a.m, Williams told Police that the security came knocking on his door and when he opened it, he asked the security, “how did you enter”.

The security reportedly told Williams, according to statement given to police, that the door was opened.

Williams says he then proceeded to knock on Mr. Nyeswa’s door, where he was with a female friend.

Williams says he told the friend to come with him downstairs, where they found Nyeswa bleeding from his head and ears.

Mr. Williams says he told the friend to notify Dr. Emmanuel Wreh, who was also in the house. “We all tried to resuscitate him but to no avail.”

According to the statement given to police, When Dr. Wreh looked up he realized that the door (the emergency door) was opened. He let me know that.”

This was the door located in the bedroom of Mr. Nyeswa.

Williams, in statement to police, said he looked at his phone and realized that Mr. Norris Tweah had called him around 12:22a.m. Williams says he called Norris, who along with him, took Nyeswa to the hospital where he died an hour later.
Close friends to Williams say they believe that they too may have been targets.

According to the housemates, Mr. Bill Twehway, Managing Director of the National Port Authority also has keys to Nyeswa’s home.

One of the housemates, speaking to FPA on condition of anonymity believe that Nyeswa was lured from his room and killed. “I was asleep, I don’t know whether Nyeswa received a call and went out. But I saw the security inside the house, and up till now not one of us knows how he entered. We remember locking the door.” 

Both Nyeswa and Twehway reportedly lived on 16th street together.

While investigators confirmed that Mr. Twehway had unhindered access to Mr. Nyenswa’s house, it remains unclear whether he would be called for investigation.

Twehway has maintained that the allegation that he had keys to the deceased home is an “outrageous" lie.

Could there be some underlying politics links to this?

Was the lady paid to do this or did it on purpose?

Or could it be that she didn't even commit the crime?

More updates coming soon!!

Source: FPA

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  • Musu Lela Kerkula and Two Others Detained and Charged - In Late IAA Boss, Mr. Emmanuel B. Nyeswah Murder Case
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