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CHRISTIANITY AND POLITICS | Min. Kanvee Adams Accuses Bishop Bah Of Being A Sex Offender And Scammer.

Holy War In Liberia, The Christian Communtiy Is Shaking As The Political Season Draws Nears, Endorsement Has Started, Hurts Coming Out and Accusations Keeps Flying From All Angles.

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Kanvee Accusses Bishop Bah Of Being A Sex Offender And A Scammer. After Dozens Of Liberian Bishops turned up to endorse the senatorial bid of Rep. Thomas P. Fallah at the Dominion Christian Fellowhip in Congo Town on Saturday. The same parliament they refused to endorse Kanvee to continue her political ambitions. Their refusal was based on the fact that Gods children shouldn' partake in politics and so they will keep their hands clean. Kanvee went live to address them and Bishop Bah responded with a post that said " I'm too focus, I got thick skin lies and falsehood don't shake me.

Liberian Bishops Annointing Rep. Fallah


In response to Kanvee Post Bishop Jermaine Jones said:

"I am responding to Kanvee because I was a part of and one of those bishops who endorsed and anointed Thomas Fallah for the senatorial race come December 8, 2020. She labeled us as fake men of God with demonic anointing and other names she did call us.

Few things I would love Kanvee to know and understand:
1. The authorities you are messing around with are all your superiors in ministry and life.
2. By constitution, we are at liberty to participate in politics and support any candidate of our choice. We are not forced to stand with you and support you in politics.
3. We are not hungry people, maybe you you have to do your research to know the churches we all oversee and the difference business investments we have, which is registered and incorporated with the Liberian government then you will know how to talk next time you have time to talk.
4. What you are doing we know it more than you and we can practically do better than you. I in particular, bishop Jermaine praise Jones, apart from being a consecrated and licensed bishop,  I am a student of information technology at Smythe Institute of Tanagement and Technology. By my IT discipline, I dig out information about people, places and things, and you are one of those people I have a lot of information about from all of your activities in Nigeria (don't take it for joke) but by my experiences in ministry and my ethical values, I won't normally do such. But if you really want war of character assasination then we can give it a try and see who really is clean or dirty.
5. Bishop Amos Greatness Bah,  bishop Dartus Doe and bishop Jermaine praise Jones are all ahead of you in ministry and life. We have been through the thoughness and roughness of the different storms of life, therefore,  this your storm is too weak Kanvee. In fact, you are an individual are very much "infinitesimal" don't try to lift up a weight you know very well you can't carry.
6. We stand with Thomas Fallah today and tomorrow so if you know you don't want to see that in your life, please do me this one favor okay, GO DRINK ACID AND THROW YOUR SELF IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN.
7. When you know you are living in a GLASS HOUSE - DON'T BE THE FIRST TO THROW STONES. Bishop is too big for you, he is not your mate. In life there are three levels of people you must know so you can know how you approach and deal with them for your own safety.
B. Know your SUBORDINATE = people below you.
C. Know your COEQUAL = People who are on the same level with you. Hear this load and clear! BISHOP AMOS GREATNESS BAH IS YOUR SUPERIOR YOU HEAR. I WILL BE BACK. GOING FOR BREAK."

Bishop Jones


Kanvee came back very hard on the bishop which made him to take his previous post down.

She said in her next post:

"My people your come o. Amos Bah has clapped back.  He's telling his followers that I slept in his house in Ghana.  Dorgit!!! The man can lie. Bah you are shameless with no single iota of moral rectitude. You who have uncontrollable sexual appetite if I slept in your house wouldn't you have raped me?
Should I start listing the number of homes you have broken from Ghana to America to Liberia because of this uncontrollable sex drive? O,you think we don't know? Do you remember Silvia from Philadelphia? Should I remind you of what you did to her in 2009-2010?  Should list women you defiled in your church? I challenge you to challenge my claims and I will come with evidences.  Or should I mention the list of people you have scammed in the name of ministery ? Bring it on Amos Bah.  I'm ready for you. This double face in the church must stop. You have committed so many atrocities in your life."

According to her over $50,000USD was collected from Rep. Fallah in the name of anointing him spiritually for the pending December 8,2020 senatorial race.

Yet still Bishop Bah hasn't responded to the accusations.

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